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Rotary Drilling

Taylor Drilling can offer rotary drilling to complement our existing services..

  • Open hole drilling to look for shallow mine working.
  • Drilling & grouting mineshafts / mine working.
  • Rock coring / sampling.
  • ODEX (simultaneous drilling & casing).
  • NVQ level2 drillers.
  • TDS can also offer an onsite engineer to provide an engineer’s log & sampling report.

The above is a cross sample of the type of services Taylor Drilling can provide, should your require application or service not be listed please contact us for more info on how we can help you, our large range of drilling equipment can provide solutions for just about any scope of work..

Why use rotary drilling

Air-rotary drilling is a quick and economical method of producing a sample. Compressed air is forced down the drill pipe and, as it returns to the surface, it carries with it rock chips made by the rotating bit. This method is used in soft rock materials to about 25m deep, or to drill through the top layer of decomposed rock and soil to get a fresh rock sample from the bedrock below.


The Hydraulic Rotary Drilling Rig is mounted on a crawler unit (SR Range) or a truck (STM Range). Self-mounting, easily transportable equipment which reduces cost of mounting and dismounting. Capable of directly driving casing with rotary and piston/winch or in combination with casing oscillator. .

Soil Engineering
Core Samples
Bore Holes
Mineral Exploration
Mine Shafts
Enviromental Drilling