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Cable Percussive

Taylor Drilling has added a cable percussive rig to offer a wider scope of drilling services.


  • NVQ level 2 drillers
  • Rig towed to site on 4x4
  • Rig height approx 6m
  • Requires 6m x 3m working area
  • More to follow
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    • 6 inch (150mm) + 8inch (200mm diameter boring)
    • SPT’s
    • U100’s
    • Rising & falling head tests
    • Insitu sampling
    • Water & gas installations
    • TDS can also offer an onsite engineer to provide an engineers log / sampling report.
Why choose Light Cable Percussive Drilling Techniques?
The information achieved from this drilling technique gives soil samples in cohesive soils can be taken for
laboratory testing, and testing by means of in-situ penetration tests using split a spoon sampler (SPT or 600
fixed cones SPT(C)) – From this assessments of soil conditions can be undertaken.

Why use a Light Cable Percussive Drill Rig?
drop tool type drilling method which uses steel casing tubes to prevent collapse of the borehole
during drilling. The rig comprises a large tripod and winch which are used to lift and drop heavy cutting tools
down onto the base of the borehole. The type of tool used depends on the type of soil present, clay cutters
are used in heavy clays, bailers are used with water to remove gravels and chisels can be used to smash up
hard strata at depth. Heavy hammer weights can also be added onto the tops of these cutting tools to
increase the momentum of the dropping tool.